Sustainability in construction is difficult to define, so imagineIT Design & Build has developed ten principles to assist in the sustainability of the company and its buildings:

1. The design of glazed openings to both improve solar gain and reduce overheating results in a reduced need for heating, cooling and lighting.

2. High-performance windows and doors minimise heat loss without compromising the airtightness of the building.

3. Seasonally intelligent, humidity-controlled membranes create airtight yet healthy buildings, also ensuring they have a lower chance of suffering from mould or structural damage caused by excessive moisture retention.

4. Minimised thermal bridging combined with a complete envelope of insulation reduce heat transfer and keep the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

5. Ventilation systems with heat recovery technology maintain fresh air within the building while recycling heat energy from warmer rooms.

6. Waste is minimised through accurate estimation of resources required, aided by the use of software.

7. Resources are acquired from the most appropriate local source, reducing carbon-emitting transport requirements.

8. An exceptional level of attention to detail is maintained from the design and project planning stages through to project completion.

9. Accurate project costing minimises unexpected costs, making each project as financially viable at completion as in the conception stage.

10. Enjoy every project – happy projects have happy results.

An appreciation for innovative concepts, the willingness to adopt new methods and materials, a natural enthusiasm to learn, and an appreciation of the environmental, economic and social challenges ahead will lead imagineIT Design & Build towards a sustainable future.

These evolving principles are assisting imagineIT Design & Build in its quest to produce carbon-neutral buildings – if everybody in construction made the same effort, the impact this industry has on the planet could be greatly reduced.