Builders are all too often considered to be lazy, unreliable tea-drinkers with a great skill for wolf-whistling, and in combination with TV programmes like Cowboy Builders, the industry suffers a distinct lack of appreciation for the time and effort put in by the majority of tradesmen. It is difficult for them to command respect for the high-quality work they produce when a small minority seem intent on cutting corners and charging the earth.

But the truth is, behind the dust, concrete and hard hats are incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable individuals, without whom your homes would never be built, extended or renovated. Not only do they possess the construction skills and know-how to make sure your home stays standing and secure, more than 35% of them run their own businesses at the same time.

There is an immense amount of planning required before a project can get off the ground, so to speak, including sourcing the right materials and specialist tradesmen, working to budgets, complying with an increasing number of building and health and safety regulations, and dealing with the unpredictability of the British weather, so a builder’s time off the building site is just as busy as their time spent on it.

At imagineIT Design & Build, we aim to dispel all established stereotypes you may have of builders by providing a personal, reliable and transparent service to all customers, no matter whether you’re having a kitchen installed or a whole new house built. Communication is key, and we are committed to keeping you informed on budget and timing at all stages of your project.

We understand that allowing a builder into your home is a big commitment, but we hope to make it as stress-free as possible while focussing on delivering a stunning end result. Please see our individual services pages for more information on what we can do for you and your home.