Cherry Tree Barn Cottage Extension

Project: Cherry Tree Barn Cottage Extension, Hook
Date: May to November 2016

Following on from the renovation of the main barn in 2015, we added an extension to provide more living space and a utility room. Keeping the same style but with a stunning slate tiled roof, this building is connected to the original barn by a walkway that leads into a spacious and airy living room. A utility room provides additional storage and space for a washing machine and extra fridge. Finally, a generous back door area gives the owners room to come in from the countryside and kick off their wellies with their adorable dachshund.

The result is the perfect living space for the owners in which to relax and take in the breathtaking views of the countryside around them. Thanks to its high-performance sheep’s wool insulation, the building is energy efficient and provides a healthy, warm living environment.

Outside, we have created a lawn area with a winding block path from the front of the building to the statement doorstep at the back door. The rest has been shingled for a low-maintenance, clean-looking finish.